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How To Play Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire has similarities with the classic Klondike Solitaire, but is addictive in its own way.

The game is played with 104 cards, which is not necessarily two decks.

The field consists of three major areas:

  1. Tableau. This is the place where the major action goes on. It has 10 columns. The first four columns hold six cards, and the next six columns hold five cards. Initially, the bottom card is opened, while the rest are closed
  2. Stock. It holds the remaining 50 cards, which can be dealt when needed.
  3. Foundation. This is the target location where the cards are supposed to be moved to.

SpiderSol.com Spider Solitaire game field

The game can be played in three modes:

In the first case, there are eight sequences from King to Ace from the same suite.
In the second case, there are four sequences from spades and four from hearts.
In the third case, there are two sequences from each of the four suites.

The goal of the game is to move all the cards between the columns of the tableau and form descending sequences from King to Ace, from the same suite. When such a complete sequence is formed, it is moved to the Foundation pile.

A card can be moved to a different column only if the target location has a card that is bigger with one. A 5 of spades can be placed only over a 6 of spades/hearts/diamonds/grapes. The suite does not matter. When a card is moved, the one below it gets opened.

A consecutive sequence of cards can also be moved, but this is possible only if the sequence is of the same suite.

When there are no more options to move individual cards or sequences between the columns of the tableau, you can make a deal from the stock. This places one card, facing up, at the bottom of each column of the tableau. The player can make five such deals from the stock during the game.

If a particular column from the tableau is emptied, then any card or sequence can be moved there.

The player loses the game if all the cards from the stock are dealt, but there are still cards in the tableau, and there are no more valid moves left.

The 1-sute game is easy to win, but the next option (2 suites) is much more difficult. The 4-suite game is a real challenge.

How is SpiderSol.com different?

SpiderSol.com is a web-based Spider Solitaire game, which sticks to the official rules of the game. However, it offers a few extras, which will make the players’ life a bit easier:

  1. There is an Undo option, which can take the player back to the very beginning of the game.
  2. If you single-click a card from the tableau, then it will be taken to one of the possible target locations, if there are such.
  3. The game highlights the sequences that can be moved.
  4. There is a hint option. Clicking the Hint button multiple times switches between the possible moves.

The game supports both desktop and mobile browsers. The mobile version of SpiderSol.com switches to a different deck of cards, which is optimized for smaller screens.

A game in progress looks as follows:

SpiderSol.com Spider Solitaire game in progress

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